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14 Jul 2015

Documentary films about Filipinos who lived in Japan.  0

“Far Distance Beneath The Sky”

This documentary is about a young woman’s venture to find fulfilment to her dreams and that of her family back in the Philippines in the “Land of the Rising Sun” but found unfair treatment and racial discrimination instead. She worked hard to learn the language and somehow successfully bridged the gap between the Japanese and the Filipino people as she becomes the voice of the Filipino migrant workers. Watch Maria “Jhing” Hiramatsu’s legacy to both the Japanese and the Filipino people in this heart-warming documentary about “Mga Pilipinong Naninirahan Sa Bansang Hapon”.

“International Couples”

Marriages between different nationalities are common but not all have been successful. “International Couples” will take you to the Philippines and back to Japan as it relates about the stories of children who had been abandoned by their Japanese fathers. What has been done so far to help these children to at least be recognized by their fathers? All of that will be covered as you watch the “Stories of Filipino Mothers and their Children”.

14 May 2015

Welcome!  0

Welcome to the official website of Hope of Asia Media Production, Philippines-Japan.

Since 2006 we have been gathering true stories and making documentaries about Filipinos who came to Japan as Overseas Filipino Contract Workers (OFW). Some of them fell in love with Japan that they decided to consider this country their home away from home. Despite the cultural differences and language barriers, they managed to enjoy their stay and live a normal life. How are they now?

In this website you will find stories of tears and laughters, success and failures, and exemplary courage to rise above defeat and soar up high to show the world what we, Filipinos are made of.

So, stay tuned. Who knows? Our next story could be your own life’s story.